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The 30 Day Challenge: How to be in a Relationship by Valentine’s Day

By Top10BestDatingSites Staff 

If your Facebook feed looks anything like the average feed, then you too are sick of seeing couples, engagement rings and babies everywhere. You’re probably wondering - where are all the singles out there and how do I find them?

We’ve create a fool-proof four week plan to be just as annoying as your Facebook friends by the time we reach Valentine’s Day. Get started right away to make the most of the January rush to finding Mr or Mrs Right in 2016.

Week One: Choose the Most Popular Way to Find Love


Whether it’s your next door neighbour finding the best night of their lives on Tinder™ or your best friend from college declaring they’ve discovered The One, you don’t need stats to tell you that online dating is now the most popular way to get coupled up, and fast. Getting all dressed up to stand around in a noisy bar can get old fast, especially when the gorgeous girl you spend the evening chatting to announces she’d better get home to her boyfriend. With online dating, everyone is single and looking for romance, and with the right choice of site, you can narrow it down further still.

Week Two: Get Your First Impression Right

The best thing about online dating is how many singles there are. But the worst thing about online dating… is how many singles there are. By that I mean FIERCE competition, and everyone vying for attention. Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks I’ve found which really help you stand out from the crowd.

  • A full profile. Leaving blanks in your profile is just lazy. It’s always fun to leave some things to the imagination, but a few lines about who you are, and a bit of a window into your personality is a great start in getting attention from potential matches. Not to mention that loads of websites will send matches based on profile compatibility. If your profile is empty, you’re not going to end up on many people’s match list.

  • The right kind of photos. The best online dating sites let you upload multiple photos, and even videos to show what you’re all about. In my experience, skip the pouty poses and mirror selfies, and just show a few sides of yourself having fun and feeling confident. As the Queen-B herself, Beyoncé, said - “confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can wear”. Try a photo with friends, and another outdoors or doing something active.

  • Activity. Most online dating profiles allow other users to see how active you’re being on the site. Can you fill in a dating diary? Use flirtcasts to message more users at once? Can potential matches find you by ‘online now’ status? The more you use the website, the easier it is for others to find you, and get attracted to you, too.

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Week Three: Get Flirting

All simple so far, right? Here’s the bit we always find hardest. You’ve caught someone’s attention, and they have for sure caught yours. Now, how do you turn that initial spark into a potential relationship? One of the most awesome things about dating online is the step-by-step way you can move a flirtation on, from the initial message to a real life date.

We suggest to start with inbox messaging, which gives you a chance to think about your responses carefully in my own time. Try looking up an interesting fact or a funny joke to start the conversation with, or try sharing a weird or quirky fact about yourself. Everyone has their own turn offs, but most people are really turned off by bad grammar and talking about your ex. So avoid those. Once you’re feeling comfortable, audio and video chat are amazing for a “face to face” conversation, which should also help you feel a lot safer about arranging a real life meet.

Week Four: Go on Dates, Lots of Them

You’ve done the hard part, met and connected with someone great. Be safe when you plan your first offline meet, somewhere public and with your own transport. Keep that chemistry going with a romantic dinner or dancing date, or a walk through the park where you might just need to hold hands and stay close to keep warm. A fun idea could be to plan one date each, surprising each other with new interests and activities.

And hey, whether our brand new relationships stay casual or blossom into something special, at least you’ll have our very own Facebook selfies (and chocolates!) to share this February 14th right?

Ready to find romance by Valentine’s Day? Try our comparison chart to find the right online dating website for your February 14th date.