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3 Ways to Nail Dating as a Busy Career Woman

Career women of the world: rejoice! All of your hard work has paid off- literally.

A study from the University of Virginia's National Marriage Project shows that college-educated women who marry later in life are making more money per year than those women who married young. Plus, romantic relationships formed in your thirties are similarly healthier, happier, and have a better chance of success than relationships formed in your twenties.

But what happens when you have the successful career but no one to share it with?

How does the modern woman navigate the current dating landscape without having to settle for less-than?

Keep reading to discover three sure-fire ways to nail it.

1. Dive into an Educated Dating Pool

If you’ve been focusing on your education and career path in order to be a woman of the world - breaking through that glass ceiling - and letting your love life fall a by the wayside, then you have nothing to worry about. You’re in good company.

Like many career-minded women, the bar scene leaves something to be desired. As do the blind dates that friends, family, and coworkers keep setting up. That’s why dating sites like EliteSingles bring intellectually compatible men directly to your fingertips. The vast majority of users on EliteSingles have a Bachelor’s degree at minimum, and are intent on finding a like-minded individual to fall in love with.

Career Woman Finds Love Online

2. Set Aside Time

Being in and out of meetings, on business lunches, and home only around 9 p.m. doesn’t mean that making time to find love can’t exist.

We’re talking about setting time aside between your usual go-getter activities. And anyone as busy as you are knows that maximizing minimal time is essential. That’s why we suggest signing up for a dating site for professionals that sends curated matches. The aforementioned ‚ÄčEliteSingles will send 3-7 suitable matches every day-- based on the personality quiz taken upon sign up. Another site worth checking out that excels in this arena is Zoosk .

Zoosk is unique in that it offers three different ways to find love. The first is through its profile carousel, the second is by choosing from thousands of search terms and filters to find the right match, and the third - and probably best option for the woman-on-the-run - is Zoosk’s Scientific Matchmaking Service. This service sends matches directly to your inbox/phone once a day. The matches are carefully selected according to dating preferences and clicking habits.

3. Take the Reins

While many high-powered women forego stereotypical gender roles when it comes to their professional lives, they still adhere to those stereotypes when it comes to dating. So instead of waiting for a man to initiate conversation - either online or in real life - take that boardroom powerhouse from the conference room right to dating.

Make the first move.

Why not? High powered women are 30% more likely to make the first move on a dating site, and data from the dating app The League, reveals that “conversations initiated by women [are] more likely to end with a phone number being exchanged.”

Besides, that’s the end goal- isn’t it? To expedite the greetings in order to find out if a connection is there.

Hard work has pays off at work. Follow these three tips and it’ll pay off in your dating life too.

So, are you ready to throw yourself into finding a match but not quite sure where to start? Check out our comparison chart of the top online dating sites in the US to get started.