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Lesbian Relationship Advice and Dating Tips

Ladies, are you tired of being given the wrong advice for dating? Dating can be quite stressful, especially if you've been at it for a while. Often, you may start feeling burned-out and overwhelmed.


Relationship advice should focus more on your questions and concerns, and not what everyone else thinks is right for you. Real lesbian advice on dating should provide you with information that teaches you how to discover what other women look for, best ways to get yourself noticed, and how to connect with the woman you always wanted to meet.


We aim to provide a comprehensive and helpful resource for those who want to get out there, have more fun and have the love life of their dreams. Our lesbian dating advice will show you how to make your online dating profile pop so you can get more attention. We’ll also provide tips and coaching for hooking up online, winning that first date, and what to do for consecutive dates.

The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Lesbian Dating Profile

For many lesbian singles, online dating has become the number one way to find love and romance. It allows women to avoid common pitfalls, such as being set up with someone simply because they are also a lesbian or not knowing to what degree our gaydar is accurate.

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Lesbians and the Fine Art of Flirting

One Friday evening, I sit on a bar stool, look around and take in the mixture of ladies that are chatting, laughing, and discreetly checking eachother out. I’m suddenly glad I decided to come out...

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