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At First Sight Review

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At First Sight takes a bold new look at online and mobile dating. The site, created by Chris Harrison of the Bachelor and Bachelorette television shows, concentrates more on videos rather than the usual photos. Harrison’s idea was for people to get together whether for friendship or romance at anytime and anywhere.


Video introductions to help break the ice
User-friendly mobile app helps meet people on the go
Easy search capabilities for friendship or romance
Pricing structure based on usage, not a monthly fee


While a computer version is available, the site is really made for the mobile app market. With lots of videos available, users can scroll through messages and videos easily. The iOS and Android compatible app allows you to search, message, update and record two-minute videos on your device.


Instead of a monthly fee, you simply purchase credits that you use to communicate with other members.

20 Credits – Free with app download

25 credits - $19.95

60 Credits - $39.95

200 Credits - $99.99

Ease of Use:

There are few apps that are easier to use than At First Sight. It takes seconds to set up an account and upload a photo. Answer a random question posed to you about your life by creating a video with your mobile device. You will be online and meeting people within minutes of joining.


The staff of At First Sight is concerned about the privacy of all of its users. They vow to try as best they can to make everything as secure as possible. Always be careful when meeting people online and protect your private information by keeping it to yourself.

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