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5 Reasons Why You Should Date a Single Mom

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Single moms are the closest real world equivalent to wonder women.

Raising kids alone while juggling careers, a social life and still squeezing in personal time is a difficult feat. But it’s exactly those skills that make single moms such amazing partners.

Here are 5 reasons why you should date a single mom:

1. She Rolls with the Punches

A single mom has her fair share of daily struggles, which helps to put things in perspective.  Things can’t always be perfect and single moms have to know how to keep cool in a crisis.

So the restaurant messes up your order? All good. She’s dealt with a table full of kids hurling food at each other - this is a cake walk.

2. She's Fiercely Independent

Learning to be independent is par for the course for single moms. A single mom is not afraid of going at it alone, but will appreciate it all the more when someone steps in to lend a hand.

Where do independent women go to date? Elite Singles is a dating site aimed at educated singles.

So if you’re someone who understands that everything in life requires balance and drive, this might be the place for you to meet that fiercely independent woman of your dreams.

3. She's Not Afraid to Commit (to the Right Person)

A single mom’s pride and joy are definitely her kids and she won’t rush into anything without considering their feelings first. But she  is also willing to fully give to the person who’s worth committing to. She loves unconditionally and without judgment, is supremely loyal and has heaps of patience. 

Which is why you’ll likely find single moms on a dating site like Zoosk that emphasizes compatibility and genuine connections over swiping and looks.

The site’s Behavioral Matchmaking tool will learn your habits and recommend singles accordingly. 

Studies show that single moms find love on dating sites 10% faster than women without kids. 

Because for single moms, when the right person comes along, there’s no second guessing. 

4. She’s a Multi-Tasker Extraordinaire

Helping the kids with their homework while simultaneously cooking dinner, paying the bills and carefully avoiding the loose pieces of Lego and toy cars strewn across the floor? No problem.

Multi-tasking is basically second nature to single moms. 

5. She Knows What She Wants

A single moms isn’t looking to repeat the same relationship mistakes. She’s learnt from the past, done some serious soul-searching and knows exactly what she wants - or doesn’t want.

 She’s likely had enough drama in the past and can see it and dodge it from miles away. Which takes all of the games and child play out of dating. 

Now, isn't that a relief?

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