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5 Ways Online Dating Can Help You Find Love in the Real World

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Online dating is revolutionizing what it means to be single in the 21st century. But the positives are not just limited to meeting eligible singles online. 

Here are 5 reasons why online dating can lead the way to love offline too. 

1. Dating is a skill set. Why not practice online?

A recent study found that the average courting time for “traditional” daters was about 2 years more than the average time for couples who met online. (42 months compared to 18.5).

One reason?

The accessibility of online dating allows you to branch out, try new things and can provide a better handle on what you want and who’s got it. So that when you do find the right person, you just know. 

On a popular dating site like Zoosk, there are so many different singles to meet. And their search tools make it easy to find exactly what you’re interested in based on different factors like lifestyle, religion, and even hobbies. 

2.  Creating a dating profile = lots of self-reflection

Just filling out a dating profile can give you a good idea of what you want in a partner. 

On relationship oriented sites like Elite Singles, the profile is the main selling point. The entire process of crafting a profile helps singles take stock of what’s important and what they value in a partner. 

Elite Single’s matching is based on an in-depth questionnaire that covers everything from how social you are to what your ideal vacation would be.

Even the most self-reflective singles will discover something new about themselves and their outlook on relationships while answering these questions 

3.  You’ll become more sure of what you want and what you don’t

Online dating is a wide open meat maker filed with people who use it for all sorts of things. And you can use online dating as part social experiment and part learning opportunity. 

Meeting new people and opening yourself up to new experiences can lead to surprising results. Maybe you'll find what you thought was a deal breaker isn't that serious. 

Or that after being given what you want you realize you're more attracted to something else. 

4. Going through a dry spell? Get an ego boost

Been out of practice for a while? Online dating is the perfect place to get your toes wet and get back into the dating mindset.

And with so many messages exchanged every day (on Zoosk, that number is about 35 million worldwide) that level of desirability might just give you the confidence boost to go after what you want in the real world. 

5.  You'll get way more comfortable on blind dates

Being set up on a blind date by a friend comes with a lot of pressure. You want to make a good impression but you’re also left wondering what your date will report back to your friend.

Online dating allows you to become comfortable with spending that alone time with a complete stranger, without the added pressure of possibly having to see the person again or explain why things didn't work out. 

Ready for a whirlwind romance of your own? Head to Zoosk today and experience something different.