The Best Dating Sites of April 2018

Online Dating Coaching Guides for Seniors

Are you new to online dating for seniors? Did you know that you can get quality dating coaching for seniors without ever hiring a dating coach? Some seniors spend thousands of dollars on a dating coach so they can find the right person that fits them best.

Even with a seniors dating coach, there’s no guarantee that you’ll find the right person. But, you don’t have to spend thousands on a dating coach. In fact, we have guides and advice that works just like dating coaching for seniors. These resources are free to use and you can reference them any time you have questions during your online dating endeavor.

Why You Should Delete Your Dating Inbox Now

The first advice I give my new senior date coaching clients is to date proactively - not reactively. I urge them to delete all of the emails in their online dating website’s inbox and send emails only...

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Age Appropriate Dating

I.Q. And E.Q. I dated on and off for a decade before I met my partner online two years ago, and I dated women my age exclusively. I believe senior women make the best possible dates and partners, and...

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Seniors & Sex: There’s No Expiration Date

Online dating studies of sex and senior daters indicate that eight million seniors are dating online, and most want to be in a relationship that includes sex. In many ways senior sex is more pleasurable...

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Relationship Commitment Has To Be Earned

Relationship commitment is a touchy subject that frequently sends new couples into a tailspin. At the extreme are relationships that end because two people can’t agree about what commitment means or when it’s appropriate. Senior men in...

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